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Drainage/Basin Repair

U.S. Outworkers repairs and installs catch basins used to collect water and run-off from asphalt pavement surfaces. Catch basins prevent water from building up on an asphalt surface which can cause water damage in surrounding areas. Due to the presence of seasons which bring moist weather (rain and snow) throughout the northeast Catch basins start to wear away due to the excess water flow and vehicle traffic. The asphalt surrounding the catch basin can crack and sink because of these stressors. For this reason, it is important to inspect catch basins every spring. Cracking and sinking will continue to spread until the area is treated and the underlying problem areas are addressed. When spider web cracking or sinking appears around the perimeter of the catch basins, you will know it is time to contact U.S. Outworkers for a free estimate.

Catch Basin Adjustment, Repair and Installation


Catch basins will need to be adjusted to ensure proper water drainage. Adjustments may help you avoid repairs and replacement sooner than necessary. U.S. Outworkers will evaluate the basin by removing the asphalt perimeter to see where the adjustment is needed. After the asphalt perimeter has been removed, the basin can be refined to the correct pitch for catching pavement runoff.


Parking lots can be busy places. Traffic accompanied by seasonal stressors and debris can all effect how well your catch basins hold up throughout the years. If damage to the basin is minimal, and it’s still in relatively good shape, the necessary repairs would be minimal compared to the cost of a full replacement. It’s important to inspect catch basins every spring and evaluate if damage has occurred. A free basin repair quote from U.S. Outworkers is the best way to gage damages, and determine an appropriate fix.

Catch Basin Installation

U.S. Outworkers has installed many catch basins throughout our service areas. When a parking lot is being installed or if a parking lot drainage system needs to be replaced, U.S. Outworkers will evaluate the parking lot demographics and suggest the best, catch basin installation plan to avoid asphalt water damage.

U.S. Outworkers will determine the runoff locations. The surrounding area will be excavated and replaced with a concrete structure and basin drain to eliminate water runoff.

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